The Association of College and University Auditors was founded in 1958, in order to provide an arena to discuss mutual professional problems and to generate new ideas and methods concerning the profession.  Through the work of members and volunteers, ACUA is available to provide multiple resources, in various forms, to members in order to enrich their knowledge base.


Our members include schools of all sizes from community colleges to large university systems; both public and private institutions.  Georgia Institute of Technology, Duke University, University of Texas San Antonio, University of Tennessee, Syracuse University are all members of ACUA.

ACUA is comprised of volunteers from the internal audit departments of Colleges and Universities across North America and around the world. These volunteers serve on ACUA’s Board of Directors, as committee chairs, etc, ACUA also contracts with a professional association management firm.  The management firm acts as ACUA’s headquarters where the staff responds to member questions and provides support for all of the activities necessary to run the association.


ACUA volunteers provide the backbone to our operations. Elections for open Board positions are held annually. Board positions consist of a President, Vice President, Immediate Past President, Secretary/Treasurer, and five member-at-large positions.  The term for Members-at-Large is three (3) years, two (2) years for the Secretary/Treasurer and one (1) year each for the Vice President, President and Immediate Past President positions with the individual elected for Vice President automatically succeeding to the President and Immediate Past President postions. Without the continued assistance of volunteers and their dedicated service, ACUA would not be able to sustain the quality of  or provide the professional programs and events that we have currently.


University Internal Audit | Virginia Tech  |  (540) 231-5883 |  North End Center, Suite 3200, Virginia Tech  | MC 0328 |  Blacksburg, Virginia